Did you know that massage can boost your immune system?  

As the cooler weather approaches and our seasons change, now is the ideal time to start to think about boosting your immune system and beating those winter blues.


  • Boost Your Immune System.  

As we all know Winter usually means cold & flu season has arrived too.  However massage can help your body fight off these lurgies by boosting your immune system.  Regular massage increases the lymph flow around the body, our lymph is our immune system which is loaded with lots of white blood cells. These then go and fight infections around the body. **


  • Improve Circulation

Are your hands and feet always cold? Do you notice this get worse as the weather gets colder? Do those aches and pains become more noticeable in the colder weather? Massage can help by encouraging our circulatory system to increase blood flow.  This assists in keeping our body warm (yay to no more cold feet in bed!) and also increases the flow of oxygen around the body.


  • Bye bye to Dry Skin

The colder, drier air during the colder winter months makes the water in your skin evaporate quicker, and therefore makes your skin drier.  Add to that heat pumps on full blast in the office and being couped up inside all day – eeek talk about dry skin overload! The various oils in the waxes and balms being massaged into the skin as well as improved circulation mentioned above, will keep your skin in tip top winter shape.


  • Banish Winter Blues

How often do we get the chance to take time out for ourselves nowadays?  An hour of either relaxing or chatting away whilst getting a massage is the perfect way to get some self-love time in.  Massage encourages positive changes in the endocrine system which is the system that creates our hormones.. Such as decreasing cortisol levels (stress related hormone) & increasing oxytocin levels (happy hormone).  Which then leads to the release of serotonin and endorphins, thus relieving stress and enhancing your mood. Oooooh bye, bye winter blues!


** If you actually have a cold or flu, or currently feel under the weather, then massage treatment is NOT appropriate.  The body needs to conserve its energy for fighting off the bugs currently in your system.  Encouraging circulation during this time is just way too much for the body to handle. Plus keep your bugs to yourself at home.  We don’t want to catch whatever it is that you may have!


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