Julie Hepi

I have trained at Strength + Soul since day one.

S+S is a huge part of my life. I train as many days as I can.  Jamie & Ryan have a wealth of knowledge and experience which has enabled me to achieve many goals. The main goal being strength. This gain in strength has meant that I can safely carry my very heavy 8 year old disabled son. My training sessions are great for stress release and we have a lot of laughs.

I also see Tania weekly for an ongoing neck problem, which i have had for many years.  Without Tania’s ‘magic touch’ my body wouldn’t allow me to reach my goals at the gym.

My husband also sees Tania as regularly as he can… often trying to take my appointments! He was very apprehensive in the beginning thinking massage wouldn’t help. Since his first session with Tania he now is pain free.

My son Rome, 11 years, has started training with Ryan every week.  Rome is the typical pre-teen who wants to get fit and of course get those muscles that most boys want. He enjoys his sessions with Ryan.  Ryan is able to gauge where Rome’s abilities and limits are. Then tailor his programme to suit.  Rome progressed after his first session. Rome also has fun with Ryan as Ryan adds games into the sessions. Rome has gained in confidence especially around his peers.

We see S&S as a big family and feel privileged to be a part of it.


Rebecca Check

I have been training with Jamie since 2014.

When I first began training I had never lifted a weight in my life, I had attended the gym in the past, but had spent most my time using the cardio machines, and then muddled my way through the weights machines with poor technique and no real idea of what muscles I was targeting. I needed targeted training to help build my strength because at the time I was a sponsored Free-Style Jet ski rider, so I have been nursed through several injuries as well! I have since retired from the sport – but lifting heavy has become my way of life!

From that first day, I felt safe and secure- and was made to feel like I was achieving, the team at Strength + Soul have become like a family to me, always so encouraging and supportive. Since training with Jamie I have achieved so many goals – from unassisted chin ups, to 140kg trap bar deadlifts, 130kg straight-bar deadlifts – heavy kettle bell squats.

I have grown in confidence, and the changes in my body have been incredible. I have always felt safe, and attention to correct technique has always been a priority – I have always been made to feel as though if the task has been put to me, I can achieve it – and safely!

Tania has been fantastic in nursing my aches and pains after tough workouts, long and heavy shifts at the hospital, and has become a fantastic friend in process.

I have so much confidence in the team at Strength + Soul that my entire family now train and are treated by the team at Strength + Soul – from my mother who has never been to a gym in her life, to my father with multiple injuries. The whole family love our time at the gym, and couldn’t recommend Strength + Soul more.


Sharon Teh

I couldn’t recommend Strength + Soul enough. Friendly, very informative and no pressure to over exert or do anything that is too hard. Ryan is fantastic – I highly recommend Strength + Soul to young and older…


Sandra McKersey

I love going to the gym because I do things I thought I would never imagine I could do. Jamie makes sure I stay flexible and strong. My goal is to lift my age in weights (72kgs).