The Team

All the team at Strength + Soul are hand picked.  We believe in passion and drive and love for what you do.  It is these qualities that no amount of training or knowledge can produce.  

Each team member is encouraged to follow their passions, to follow their dreams and to enjoy the career path that is health & wellness.

Massage Therapist Full Bio >

Tania is an Eastern Bay of Plenty girl at heart, growing up in beautiful Kawerau.  She then went to high school on Auckland’s North Shore and spent the formative years of her career working there before moving to Whangarei in 2014.  Therefore, she is just as happy mucking about on the farm or in the bush, as she is shopping and enjoying a new culinary dish and matching wine at a fancy city restaurant. 

Tania completed her massage studies in 2005 at NZCM, Auckland.  She loved her new found Soft Tissue Therapy industry, but, still loved her occupation as a Functions & Event Manager.  A little undecided as to what to do, she chose to challenge herself with a move to Wellington (where she knew absolutely no one) and see if she could build some type of client base within 3 months.  If she succeeded, then this is the career path that she would choose.  Well within one month she was fully booked, had a waiting list, loved it . . . and the rest is history as they say!

A contract with a regional sports team enticed her back to Auckland along with the offer to work at the Healthzone at the Millennium Institute of Sport and Health.  The years spent there were incredibly valuable and cemented her love for massage and the NZ Sports industry too. Her main focus over these years was working with many National and International elite athletes across various sporting codes, with the odd pre or post surgery client thrown in.

In 2012 and 2013 she had the opportunity to share her knowledge with a teaching role thrown in the mix.  Teaching Anatomy & Physiology, Clinical Reasoning and Therapeutic Massage.

Then in 2015 after working alongside Jamie for just over a year, Strength + Soul was born. . . . .

Some of Tania’s Career Highlights;

  • Eating wine & cheese off the Ranfurly Shield in the team bus when North Harbour took it off Canterbury.
  • Spending a few weeks working on a floating pontoon with BMW Oracle
  • Hanging out for a month in Kona, Hawaii with her athletes as they took on the World Ironman Championships
  • 15 years and counting as part of the Massage crew at NZ Ironman Taupo
  • Seeing the blood, sweat and tears that every single athlete has put in to achieve their dreams
  • Helping somebody gain a better quality of life because they are no longer in pain.
  • Joining the MNZ Executive board in 2017
  • Building, growing and sharing Strength + Soul with Northland.
Jamie Hitchcock, Personal Trainer
Personal Trainer Full Bio >

Jamie Hitchcock is the co-founder of Strength + Soul. One of his proudest career accomplishments is creating Strength + Soul with Tania and developing a vibrant and enthusiastic culture to “work” in. His lifelong passion for movement and sports has led him to a career where he gets to share that passion with his clientele. Jamie has had the pleasure of working with teenage athletes, weekend warriors, post operative and “post-youth”.

Jamie believes that moving well and moving  often and sensible not strict nutrition are two of the biggest factors in living and feeling well as we all move into older age. As a self confessed geek who spends a great deal of his money on books, Jamie loves upskilling and educating himself so he can share this knowledge with whoever is willing to  listen.

Training regardless of goals can and should be enjoyable so a good amount of laughs and banter is necessary while on the training floor. Jamie would describe his methods as a blend of conventional and unconventional which doesn’t leave you in a whimpering mess and loves seeing previously apprehensive clients go from strength to strength.

Jamie can be found either in the gym, the bush, squash courts, touch field or the beach depending on the weather. He lives in Whangarei with his long term partner Nicola and son Max.

Ryan Perkinson, Personal Trainer
Personal Trainer Full Bio >

Ryan is born and bred in Whangarei.  He absolutely loves the outdoors and if you can not find him at Strength + Soul he is most likely on or in the water.  He enjoys getting out for a fish or a dive with his brother and girlfriend (even if they both seem to catch more fish than he does) any chance he gets.

He loves the ocean, sports and exercise just as much as he loves his food.  Ryan admits that he is a self confessed recovering sugar addict.  So you just might be able to get out a set of reps with a sweet bribe.

Ryan has worked in a range of industries, diesel mechanic, salesman, commercial fisherman, timber machinist, kitchen hand and even installing solar systems in Australia before discovering his true passion – health & fitness.  Ryan studied Sport and Exercise Science at Massey University in Wellington.  He loved his time down there but the call to come back to the gorgeous North (and the surrounding coast) was strong.

Ryan is a strong believer in the importance of individualised programs for each of his clients “one size does not fit all”.  This is why Ryan loves his job, the variety and the uniqueness that every day brings.  This is also why his clients love his training sessions! “In the morning I could be showing a beat up ex-rugby player how to get some more mobility in his T-Spine at lunch time getting a retired farmer to keep his joints strong, and in the afternoon helping a teenage boy learn the benefits of keeping physically strong so he excels mentally at school”.

Ryan has played quite a bit of sport himself, soccer, rugby, basketball, badminton, touch, MMA and is currently a member of the Whangarei Squash Club.

Physiotherapist Full Bio >

Kiran was born and raised in England (U.K). She completed her BSc. (hons) Physiotherapy degree at the University of Southampton in 2008 and has since worked in a variety of settings.

As a new graduate, Kiran worked in the National Health System (NHS) in the UK which broadened her new knowledge and experience in Neurology, Respiratory, Orthopaedics and Musculoskeletal work. Kiran always wanted to travel with her work to experience different ways of Physiotherapy practice in different cultural settings, so, in 2010, Kiran moved to Vancouver Canada, where she worked in Occupational Rehabilitation programmes assisting people to return to work after injury and provided rehabilitation for those living with chronic pain. During her time in Canada, Kiran made the most of her beautiful new setting; spending most weekends exploring, hiking, skiing or simply spending time at the beach. It was here where she also meet her Kiwi husband, and in late 2013 they decided to move to Whangarei, New Zealand. Kiran settled quickly into the laid-back city of Whangarei and has enjoyed the good work-life balance the place offers.

Kiran currently works in a variety of settings; Vocational Rehabilitation which involves assisting people to return to work after injury, workstation assessments, ACC Pain Management Programmes, Musculoskeletal private practice, PINC and STEEL cancer rehabilitation based at Strength + Soul studio. PINC and STEEL Physiotherapy involves one-on-one sessions as well as group exercise classes to enhance recovery and function. Kiran is also an accredited Lymphoedema Therapist which complements her passion for helping those living with Cancer. Kiran’s motto is to “shift illness to wellness.”

When Kiran isn’t working you can find her travelling around the world, hiking, skiing, paddle boarding or knitting at home.

If you or somebody you know would benefit from guided rehabilitation during/after cancer treatment then please contact Kiran at Strength + Soul studio.

Craniosacral Therapist Full Bio >

Sandra was born and raised in the beautiful Eastern Bay of Plenty.  As a young girl she was surrounded by family members who were the healers of the region – her Nana, Koro, Great Uncle and Aunty.  As a youngster living on a farm she would practice what she saw the elders doing on her beloved pet animals. Rocky the calf (the award winning Pet day calf that is) and Peppy the farm dog being the most patient of patients.

Fast forward a number of years and along came her husband (who happens to be a Whangarei boy) and two daughters.  As her two girls were growing up, if they ever became unwell or injured, it was second nature to know exactly what to do, and how to help/assist them to become well again.

Many many years later and a couple of successful and enjoyable career paths later Sandra had feeling, an intuitiveness pop up when she was sent and email from her daughter .  This email was a two day Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy introduction workshop. Over these two days, all of those feelings and sensations that were present as a little girl on the farm, and as a mother came flooding back, “I felt something awaken inside of me”.

At the end of the workshop she had her classmates, tutors and course director all tell her she had to continue on and learn more.

So she did, and with flying colours.  At the end of her final papers, she was offered a job to tutor herself.

For the last three years Sandra has been practicing Craniosacral therapy in Auckland & Whangarei and often travels back down home to the Eastern Bay of Plenty to treat her elders and family members.

“I am amazed everyday at the strength and wisdom of the human body, and how it has the natural ability to heal.  This is one of the wondrous reasons why I love working as a Craniosacral Therapist”
Pilates Instructor Full Bio >

Niki is a UK trained physiotherapist with over 20 years experience who has worked all over the world including many years in the middle east, treating children and people with war injuries  A keen sailor, Niki and her husband Simon packed up their two young children and set off on a long distance sailing adventure in 1999, finally ending up many thousands of miles later in New Zealand in 2004 and vowed to make it home. Deciding that Whangarei was the best place for their family (and their sailing) they firmly put down their roots.

Niki decided it was time for a career change and retired from physiotherapy to train as a Pilates instructor and set up her own Pilates studio in Whangarei, the only fully equipped studio here. With her physiotherapy background, she specialises in Pilates for rehabilitation whether for elite athletes or the not so fit.
When not enjoying teaching Pilates, Niki and Simon will be found sailing on the same boat that brought them to Whangarei all those years ago or walking in the great outdoors or travelling to Auckland to see their now adult children.
She is very excited to join the team at Strength and Soul who share the same nurturing approach to exercise as she does.
Delwynne Cox
Massage Therapist Full Bio >

Hailing from the King Country and a farming family, Delwynne has always had a love for the outdoors and sports.  A move to the Far North soon had her discovering the amazing coastline of Northland.

She happily describes herself and her 3 boys as a sports crazy family. Especially when it comes to herself and rugby; currently coaching, training and playing!  In 2018 she was a member of the inaugural Northland Womens Team, a proud moment.

When not enjoying the outdoors, or running around on a field or court.  Delwynne is enthusiastically learning and discovering more about the massage and sports massage industry.  Her gentle nature is an absolute asset to the massage profession and her ever increasing knowledge is proving to be of real value to Northland.

Physiotherapist / Acupuncture Full Bio >

Rosana graduated in 2003, and has worked for over 15 years in private practice treating a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions, as well as working closely with many sports teams over this time.

With a thirst to provide best possible treatment for all aches and pains Rosana went on to complete her Masters in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy in 2008.  The enhanced combination of clinical reasoning, spinal manipulation and acupuncture added to her manual therapy base and has enabled a broad skill set to draw from in providing individualised and successful outcomes for many problems.

Rosana believes in a multi-disciplinary approach, happy to work together with any other medical or health professional to provide a full focus on health, wellness and recovery.  It is this collective strive for better wellness that see’s Rosana join the Strength and Soul space.

Rosana is equally as passionate toward injury prevention as she is recovery from injury and believes in keeping our bodies well oiled and fluid throughout all phases of life.

With the belief that health and wellness is unique to all, Rosana likes to bring a fresh, individualised approach to all problems – enjoying returning athletes to sport, contractors back to the work site, children back to the playground and avid gardeners to their back yards.  There is no pain too big or too small.

Rosana is Whangarei born, enjoys the local lifestyle and is proud of her Croatian heritage which still runs strong through the North. Outside of work you will find her relaxing at Matapouri Bay, listening to music, with a likely side of cheese and wine.