Niki Barker

Pilates Instructor

Niki is a UK trained physiotherapist with over 20 years experience who has worked all over the world including many years in the middle east, treating children and people with war injuries  A keen sailor, Niki and her husband Simon packed up their two young children and set off on a long distance sailing adventure in 1999, finally ending up many thousands of miles later in New Zealand in 2004 and vowed to make it home. Deciding that Whangarei was the best place for their family (and their sailing) they firmly put down their roots.

Niki decided it was time for a career change and retired from physiotherapy to train as a Pilates instructor and set up her own Pilates studio in Whangarei, the only fully equipped studio here. With her physiotherapy background, she specialises in Pilates for rehabilitation whether for elite athletes or the not so fit.
When not enjoying teaching Pilates, Niki and Simon will be found sailing on the same boat that brought them to Whangarei all those years ago or walking in the great outdoors or travelling to Auckland to see their now adult children.
She is very excited to join the team at Strength and Soul who share the same nurturing approach to exercise as she does.
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