Musculo-Skeletal Cupping

Cupping is another form of alternative health therapy that comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

We just want to point out here that the Cupping done at S&S is Musculo-Skeletal Cupping only not TCM glass fire cupping. This practice is highly specialised and involves looking into the body at a much deeper holistic point of view. It is a respected form of healing and should only be practiced by a qualified practitioner.

At Strength + Soul cupping is often incorporated with Massage & Soft Tissue Therapy sessions. Special cups are placed on your skin and left for a few minutes to create a suction. The idea behind this is that it lifts the layers of tissue and allows blood and lymph to flow into the area. This is what causes the discolouration to your skin afterwards, this is not bruising which is caused from blunt force trauma. Discolouration may or may not occur depending on the tissue and what is going on in the body.

Experience shows that areas that may be stagnant or stubborn with lingering knots or scar tissue may benefit from cupping as new blood is able to flow in, bring with it good nutrients and allowing the old stagnant residue to move out.