Sandra Kahika

Craniosacral Therapist

Sandra was born and raised in the beautiful Eastern Bay of Plenty.  As a young girl she was surrounded by family members who were the healers of the region – her Nana, Koro, Great Uncle and Aunty.  As a youngster living on a farm she would practice what she saw the elders doing on her beloved pet animals. Rocky the calf (the award winning Pet day calf that is) and Peppy the farm dog being the most patient of patients.

Fast forward a number of years and along came her husband (who happens to be a Whangarei boy) and two daughters.  As her two girls were growing up, if they ever became unwell or injured, it was second nature to know exactly what to do, and how to help/assist them to become well again.

Many many years later and a couple of successful and enjoyable career paths later Sandra had feeling, an intuitiveness pop up when she was sent and email from her daughter .  This email was a two day Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy introduction workshop. Over these two days, all of those feelings and sensations that were present as a little girl on the farm, and as a mother came flooding back, “I felt something awaken inside of me”.

At the end of the workshop she had her classmates, tutors and course director all tell her she had to continue on and learn more.

So she did, and with flying colours.  At the end of her final papers, she was offered a job to tutor herself.

For the last three years Sandra has been practicing Craniosacral therapy in Auckland & Whangarei and often travels back down home to the Eastern Bay of Plenty to treat her elders and family members.

“I am amazed everyday at the strength and wisdom of the human body, and how it has the natural ability to heal.  This is one of the wondrous reasons why I love working as a Craniosacral Therapist”
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