Jamie Hitchcock

Personal Trainer
Jamie Hitchcock, Personal Trainer

Jamie Hitchcock is the co-founder of Strength + Soul. One of his proudest career accomplishments is creating Strength + Soul with Tania and developing a vibrant and enthusiastic culture to “work” in. His lifelong passion for movement and sports has led him to a career where he gets to share that passion with his clientele. Jamie has had the pleasure of working with teenage athletes, weekend warriors, post operative and “post-youth”.

Jamie believes that moving well and moving  often and sensible not strict nutrition are two of the biggest factors in living and feeling well as we all move into older age. As a self confessed geek who spends a great deal of his money on books, Jamie loves upskilling and educating himself so he can share this knowledge with whoever is willing to  listen.

Training regardless of goals can and should be enjoyable so a good amount of laughs and banter is necessary while on the training floor. Jamie would describe his methods as a blend of conventional and unconventional which doesn’t leave you in a whimpering mess and loves seeing previously apprehensive clients go from strength to strength.

Jamie can be found either in the gym, the bush, squash courts, touch field or the beach depending on the weather. He lives in Whangarei with his long term partner Nicola and son Max and daughter Ady.

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