“You need to see a Physio”, “You should see my Chiro, he always sorts me out”, “Acupuncture will do it – my next door neighbours aunty swears by it”, “No no no don’t go there, here’s the number for my amazing Massage Therapist”…  ahhhh the minefield that is health!

There are a lot of health & wellbeing modalities out there nowadays, and A LOT of information and opinions.  We live in a day an age where Dr Google can offer you signs, symptoms, diagnosis and cure without having to leave the couch.  Sometimes this is not always bad thing, it can make people curious, it makes people question their own health & wellbeing, and it can weed out the good practitioners from the not so good.  However it can also make you extremely confused!

Health & Wellness is a bit of a journey, it is like a family road trip.  You start off all excited, you know your destination and you have worked out your estimated time of arrival, and you are probably even thinking about how amazing you are going to feel when you finally get there –  oh the adventures you will have and the R&R you will get to enjoy.

Until twenty kilometres into your family road trip you suddenly realize you can’t remember turning off the hair straighteners! U-turn pulled and back home you go, to start off all over again.

Let’s say you have a niggling injury, it’s been about 3 – 4 weeks so you decide to see someone, there is a trusted health clinic down the road, you make an appointment, they give their opinion you start the treatment, everything is going to plan. . . . . .your initial injury seems to be going really well, but now another part of your body is starting to ache too. What’s with that?!  Back home you go.

To be quite frank, sometimes, more often than not, that is just how it goes.  Everybody is unique and different, every one’s health & lifestyle history is different, and how our bodies react, cope & compensate are all different.

The key to the journey is to;

  • Learn to listen to your body, it will tell you what it needs & who it needs.
  • Find & seek your trusted health & wellness professionals.  To be honest this can be a bit of a whole nother journey in itself and a little bit expensive.  But necessary. Trust me in the long run your body will thank you for having taken the time and patience to do this.
  • Ask questions & listen, that is how knowledge is seeked.  This is especially important when it comes to your health professional, ask them questions about your body and health, it is your body after all.  If they can not answer thoroughly and honestly – then find someone who can.
  • Be patient.  If you have lived a certain type of lifestyle for 30 years, it is probably not going to take 30 days to change everything.
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