As human beings we have this natural tendency to resist something when it is forced upon us.  In fact we can go a step further and begin to resent it. This is not just an emotional or mental aspect of ourselves but a physiological one too.


Without easily turning this little blurb into a 5000 word essay, the message we want to get across to you is never force tissue instead nicely encourage/ask the nervous system to release to just let it go.  


You may like to read that last sentence again.  It kind of turns a lot of current beliefs about how the body works around.  Basically our tissues (just talking soft tissue here) can get rigid, tight, stuck and sensitive when they have experienced some sort of trauma, be it physical or emotional.  Our nervous system reacts by trying to protect that area, which often means it asks surrounding tissue to compensate or protect. Meanwhile that specific area shuts itself down for a little while to try to figure out what to do next, and how to heal.  This is the tricky bit (or exciting brain stimulating part for us) to figure out.


Therefore when you come in to see any of us at S+S the first conversation we have with your body is to ask your body where it is currently at.  Which could be done in any of the following forms; using our trained eyes to observe, or touch, or movement, or listening to you.

Your nervous system will show us what is being forced and what is being resented.  We can then formulate or adapt our session or treatment plan to suit.

Never force tissue as it will just push back.  Take it slowly, be nice to the tissue. Don’t hang around too long in that area, if it already has a sense of heightened sensitivity then it will switch itself off pretty quickly.  Another indication of it trying to tell you to go away and leave me alone.

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